Today I am Reborn Hard

Today was the first day of my new lifestyle of eating healthy and getting a daily workout.

I have decided that Thai boxing, weightlifting and crossfit will be the mail blocks of my workout plan

Workout Schedule

2 days week I will train in Thai Boxing at a gym around the corner from my work

2 days a week I will lift weights and run on the elliptical machine during my lunch

1 day a week I will train at crossfit

These workouts should make up 240 minutes of heart pumping sweaty fun and burn off approximately 3500 calories a week, which should work out to about 1kg of fat burnt each week.

Tonight was Boxing Class

It was a good class only 2 other people showed up for class so we each got plenty of the teacher’s personal attention. The first 30 minutes we spend hitting and kicking the heavy bag to work on our technique and strength. Then we got in the ring and so some sparing, this is the fun part. I first got set up with this guy who was close to me in age, but he had definitely had more training than me the way he was moving his head and feet made that obvious. I don’t really have foot work yet. I tend to just kind of stand there and try and block and counter anything that is thrown at me.

Next I spared with the teacher.

Keep your Left up Dummy

I used to train MMA but we did not hit in the face so it was not uncommon to drop your guard because no one was going to punch you in the face, well a few times tonight I forgot this is not that class. Every time I dropped my left WHAP! Out of nowhere I found a glove on the left side of my face. Note to self Keep that damn hand up. I did manage to get one good shot on the teacher. I started up with a jab and then came fast with a cross. the shot did not land but it was close and he told me that he was pleased with that one.

So far I’ve had 3 lessons and I love it.

Missing the gym

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve been injured and then sick now in feeling better but I am having a hart time getting myself back to the gym. And for the next 2 days i have family obligations that will keep me out of the gym till at least Wednesday. Each day without a good workout makes it harder to motivate myself to exercise. C’mon Wednesday hurry up and get here

I Have the Munchies

Woke up this morning on time got my little princess up and ready for daycare and got myself ready for work at the same time because today is a crossfit day and I am motivated.

Before Picture

I am Fat

My name is Steve and I am Addicted to food. I lie about my eating habits, I often hide food from my wife, family and friends and I prefer to eat in isolation. I am 41 years old and I have been overweight since I was a toddler. I can remember as a child seeing my dad sitting and watching TV and snacking in the evenings and seeing my brother sitting on the couch after school watching TV and eating Doritos, I can also remember thinking that I wanted to be able to do that and the older I got the more and more eating and watching TV was all I did. I eventually managed to blow up to about 360 lbs. between 2007 and 2012 I suffered 2 heart attacks.

More Pain More Gain

Almost 3 weeks ago during a warm up run before my MMA class started I twisted my ankle badly and I was unable to return to training until last night. I was very nervous about working out while my ankle was still swollen, but there are plenty of exercises I could do that would not bother my ankle so I decided it was time to return to the Dojo.